Crisp Produce & Preserves bakes a range of hearty, healthy and truly delicious sourdough breads to order. These artisan breads are made in small batches, with love and attention given to every loaf.


Not counting how downright delicious it is, the health benefits of sourdough bread are well known. Good bacteria aid digestion and gut health, plus a low GI ensures slow release energy.

A range of quality flours are used, including home-milled wheat, local(ish) biodynamic wheat, French T55 wheat, and locally sourced specialty flours including rye and spelt. Other ingredients such seeds, dried fruits and nuts are Australian grown and sourced locally.

Crisp Produce & Preserves ‘signature’ style of sourdough produces large loaves with a moist, not-too-holey crumb and a chewy crust. Loaves stay fresh for multiple days as bread, and make delicious toast for a week.

The current range includes Unbleached White & Oat, Light Rye, Mixed Seed, Spelt & Sesame, Kibbled Wheat, and Fruit loaves. Sourdough bread is delivered weekly to local customers in Hepburn Springs, Daylesford and surrounding areas year round. From December to May, it can be added to produce boxes.

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