Crisp Produce & Preserves is passionately dedicated to producing seasonal, small batch artisan preserves from predominantly homegrown fruit and vegetables. What is not homegrown is foraged from wild fruit trees, purchased at the farm gate, or bought locally.


With more than 30 years preserve making experience to draw on, the ever-changing range includes a multitude of seasonally inspired jams, jellies, conserves, marmalades, relishes, chutneys, pickles, sauces, citrus cordials and pasta sauces.

Time is taken to handwrite the variety name on every single label, as a further commitment to small batch seasonal production.

There’s everything from traditional classics to innovative inventions, but what holds the range together are techniques and methods that ensure the fruit and vegetables are the ‘heroes’ and are always front and centre in every jar, with true and fresh tastes, colours and textures.

Raspberry Jam tastes like raspberries. Really! Roast Tomato Relish tastes like sweet, sun-ripened tomatoes. Truly! Lemon Cordial tastes like lemons. Not sugar! Quince Jelly tastes just the way it did when your nanna made it. And Peach & Passionfruit Conserve tastes like summer in a jar. To achieve this and more, batches must be small and ingredients picked at perfect ripeness, and in most cases, made into preserves within hours of harvest. Crisp Produce & Preserves regularly attends artisan markets and food events with a wide range of sweet and savoury preserves. You can also purchase through this website.

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