Crisp Produce & Preserves grows a wide and seasonal range of vegetables and fruits with sustainable organic practices, with an emphasis on open-pollinated and heirloom varieties suited to temperate central Victoria’s cold winters and hot summers. Soil health is a major focus, ensuring everything that’s harvested for a produce box or a batch of preserves is as nutrient dense and tasty as it can possibly be.


A small market garden and home orchard provides fresh produce for a seasonal produce box scheme, delivered weekly to local customers in Hepburn Springs, Daylesford and surrounding areas, during the months December to May.

Run like a traditional ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ model, these produce boxes cannot be ordered on an ad-hoc basis. Instead, customers make a seasonal commitment to buy a box every week (or in some cases, every fortnight), and Crisp Produce & Preserves ensures a ‘share’ of the harvest is divided between all customers who receive a box. It’s a commitment on both sides, and is based on a relationship, not simply an exchange of money.

These boxes contain a generous quantity of amazingly fresh seasonal vegetables of many kinds, and fruits whenever possible. What’s in the box changes over the course of the growing season. Customers can expect top quality produce that even comes with recipes if you want them. Sourdough bread can be ordered as an extra item in the box.

Places in the scheme fill quickly each season.

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